Make Your Water Count

Electrolytes are tiny particles that carry electrical charges. They help the body maintain proper function.  As activity begins, we need electrolytes for both optimal hydration and athletic achievement. 

Electrolytes support major muscle and nerve functions that are put to work while exercising. Because we lose electrolytes through sweat during workouts, replenishment is key for sustained strength and performance. Nuun provides the perfect balance of ingredients for mineral replenishment and optimal hydration before, during and after your exercise. 

Nuun's electrolyte blend plays a key role in maintaining water balance at a cellular level:  Sodium and potassium are the two electrolytes needed at greater quantity, due to their important roles in fluid retention and preventing muscle cramping respectively. Magnesium and calcium complete the electrolyte profile by aiding in muscle contractions and movement.

Our optimal blend of electrolytes keep you hydrated for all levels of activities, whether you are running a marathon or a marathon of errands.