Clean Product I Clean Planet I Clean Sport

We believe that a company's principles are as important as the products it makes. We are committed to replenishing active people and our planet by always examining our practices and valuing our principles of living clean. 

Clean Product 

Just like every step towards the finish line matters, every ingredient in our product matters. We make our products with a plants-first mindset, low in sugar, soy free, dairy free, gluten free and vegan - friendly. 

Authenticity requires transparency, we choose clean ingredients and suppliers backed by our third-party certifications:

  • vegan
  • gluten-free
  • certified by informed choice–trusted by sport
  • non-gmo (sourced)

    Clean Planet

    We source & package to minimise our carbon footprint, minimal waste and production energy, while sourcing sustainable ingredients.

    Clean Sport

    Our products are informed choice certified, so our athletes can rest assured that their performance is the result of proper hydration and hard work.

    • Our company, our ambassadors, and the teams we support, value the essence of clean sport and have pledged to play by the rules and hold ourselves to standards of integrity in sport.
    • We partner with the champions of clean sport who enable athletic endeavours by providing unparalleled sports opportunities that lead to success in sports — and in life.